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ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: 0.8 g/L ABAMECTIN. 0.4 g/L SELENIUM (as SODIUM SELENATE) For the treatment and control of abamectin sensitive strains of internal parasites of sheep (including benzimadazole, levamisole and morantel resistant strains), nasal bot and itch mite of sheep and as an aid in the control of selenium deficiency in sheep. iO Abastar Plus Selenium contains abamectin, a member of the macrocyclic ?ML? family of drenches and also contains selenium which is an aid in control and treatment of selenium deficiency in sheep and lambs. iO Abastar Plus Selenium is effective against abamectin sensitive strains of the following adult and immature internal parasites of sheep Controls & Prevents Adult and immature gastrointestinal roundworms and Lungworm.

Abastar 10lt