Apparent Major. Spray Tank Cleaner and Decontaminator. The SIMPLE CHOICE for spray tank cleaners. Premium specially formulated, advanced liquid tank spray tank cleaner. Contains chelating agents, surfactants, detergent and sequestrants. Removes crop protection chemical deposits and oily residues from tanks, hoses, booms, mixing and transfer systems, nozzles, filters and screens. Effective in cleaning spray equipment after using a wide range of difficult to remove products including Glyphosate, Triazines, Phenoxy and Carfentrazone based herbicides products plus a broad range of insecticides and fungicides. How does it differ from other tank cleaners? Many other cleaners work on only specific types of chemicals, whereas Apparent Major works across a huge range of products and its premium formulation will deliver optimum cleaning and decontamination. Usage rate (Apparent Major to tank/water volume): 5L of Apparent Major per every 2000L

Apparent Major Spray Tank Cleaner 5lt