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INSTRUCTIONS Place the energizer in a suitable position for connection to the fence, preferably at the middle of the fence line. Drive one or more galvanised earth stakes into the ground approximately 1m. Connect the live wire to the fence or red terminal, and the earth stake to the earth or green terminal. Once all the fence has been installed, connect the red battery clip to the positive terminal of a 12V battery and the black clip to the negative terminal. Correct earthing is extremely important. It is the other half of the electric fence. In dry conditions or sandy soil, run an earth wire as well as the live wire as part of the fence, connect any existing fence to the earth stakes, and drive in extra earth stakes every 1.5km. This energiser has intelligent battery monitoring, if the battery starts getting flat the output voltage will reduce to conserve the battery. The top light flashes with every energizer pulse. The bottom light is a low voltage indication that flashes with every pulse if battery voltage falls below 12.0V (nominal). If the battery voltage falls to approximately 11.5V the low battery light will give a double flash every pulse. Once the battery voltage falls to 11V the energizer will stop and the low battery light will be continuously on. The energizer will start operating normally again when the battery voltage exceeds 12V. These cutouts are intended to protect your battery. These energizers have built in self testing. If there is a problem with the unit you will see multiple flashes with each pulse.

BD20 Fence Energiser up to 2km