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Belinda’s Loose Lick Supplements

Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplement – Belinda’s Premium Custom Mixes are specially formulated for all Equines & Donkeys Australia wide.

Are you after a simple affordable solution for your equine or donkey’s good health?  Belinda’s Loose Lick Supplements provides essential vitamins, minerals and salt to the animal as a free choice/ad-lib supplement, eaten when the animal chooses, allowing them to take precisely the quantity they require. If you wish you can add it to your horse’s feed too.


In the wild horses seek out different plants, bark, soil and herbs, when we restrict them to paddocks they are unable to follow this natural instinct – Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick can fill the gaps lacking in your horse’s diet & gives them the opportunity to take what they need.


The Benefits

Weatherproof – Belinda’s Premium WS Loose Lick Supplement is fed to your horse in a self-draining trough or container. Rain drains away and the Loose Lick remains, rather than dissolving or washing away – saving you money.

Precision feeding – your horse takes only what it needs, and Belinda’s Loose Lick contains no molasses or fillers so your horse or pony is not tempted to over-indulge in the supplement as a ‘treat’. You can leave out 24/7.


Cost effective – without the temptation for your horse or pony to over-indulge, Loose Lick Supplement is a far superior and cost-effective means of giving your animal the vital supplements it needs.

Quality – you can see the minerals, vitamins and salt in Loose Lick Supplement – blended correctly and precisely and scientifically formulated by a nutritionist to balance out the diet in the correct ratios.

Customised – for your state and geographical region to give your equine the best guess of required vitamins and minerals missing in your area.

Belinda's Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplement