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Sizes Available: 5kg | 16kg 


iO Milktech Lamb Milk Replacer can be used to successfully rear healthy lambs by providing nutrition and supplements. 

iO Milktech Lamb Milk Replacer can be fed to young animals such as lambs, goat kids, foals, fawns, puppies and cria. 

* Can be fed to variety of animals

* Easy to mix 

* Low cost alternative

* Quality ingredients 

* Essential Amino Acids – iO Milktech Lamb has a special formulation that nurtures your calves need for necessary amino acids and protein to ensure efficient growth and stability. 

* Organic trace minerals

* Minerals & Vitamins - iO Milktech Lamb is specially formulated to help increase growth, improve health & development with the assistance of organic and inorganic minerals and vitamins 

iO Milktech Lamb Milk Replacer has been developed to achieve maximum growth rates for your lamb or kid. iO Milktech Lamb Milk Replacer contains essential vitamins and minerals required for early growth and development and contains no coccidiostat, making it safe for multiple species. 

IO Milktec Lamb and Kid Replacer