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iO Milktech Gold is a premium milk replacer and can be used to successfully rear healthy calves by providing nutrition and supplements. 

iO Milktech Gold Facts: 

* Contains Bovatec

* Curding 

* Highest quality

* Easy to mix 

* Host specific Probiotic - a high concentration of rumen specific bacteria specifically chosen aid calf health and aid digestion. 

* Organic trace minerals 

* Minerals & vitamins – iO Milktech Gold is specially formulated to help increase growth, improve health & development with the assistance of organic and inorganic minerals and vitamins. 


Warning: iO Milktech Gold Calf Milk Replacer contains Bovatec® and is Calf Specific. Do not under any circumstances feed to horses or other equines, dogs, cats, llama, alpaca or other animals. 

IO Milktec Silver Calf & Foal Replacer 20kg