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High fibre, low starch goodness of lupin fibre, combined with the added benefits of prebiotics and probiotics, constitutes the optimal foundation feed for every horse and pony.


The Australian Sweet Lupin (Lupinus Angustifolius) is a rare treasure indeed. A proud member of the legume family, the Australian Sweet (or Blue or Narrow Leafed Lupin) is high in protein, extremely low in starch and boasts an impressive amount of digestible fibre. Unlike other, more bitter, lupins, the Australian Sweet Lupin is highly palatable and as such has long been an ingredient of choice for a wide range of stock here in Australia.


Whilst the Lupin seed itself is an impressive and nutritious feed for all manner of equines, the fibrous hull of the grain is increasingly being recognised for its own benefits. Known as a ‘Super’ or ‘soluble’ Fibre, Lupin Hulls offer enormous health benefits by not only offering a low starch, low sugar energy source but also via their prebiotic activity in providing nourishment for the sensitive equine microbiome.


Best of all, and unlike other soluble fibre sources such as Beet Pulp or Soy Hulls, Australian Sweet Lupin Hulls are grown right here in Australia and are non-GMO.


Australian-grown lupin hulls, traces of lupins, Yea-Sacc Live Yeast Culture, Bio-Mos

FibreWell is a highly nutritious alternative to other fibre sources such as chaff, beet pulp and soy hulls and is also the perfect accompaniment to formulated feeds. FibreWell is not a replacement for longer stemmed roughage sources such as hay or pasture which should always form the basis of a healthy diet.

Iron Horse Fibrewell

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