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A highly concentrated combination of prebiotics and probiotics known for their specific impact on gut and general health of equines.


One of the world’s most thoroughly researched and proven probiotic sources for equines as well as other animals, Yea Sacc is derived from a specific strain of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. Research on equines has demonstrated that Yea Sacc can support the rate of digestion of fibre as well as unlocking phosphorus and calcium availability to aid bone integrity and general healthy growth. It may also aid in reducing digestive disorders and preventing microbial related issues such as laminitis and colic.


A second generation product derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Actigen® is a well-published prebiotic MOS to help support immune defence, gut microbial health, development and function thereby promoting overall health and development. Actigen® also acts as a pathogen binder and in so doing may assist in preventing disease and boosting immune response to the presence of pathogenic material. The MOS contained within Actigen® has also been found to improve colostrum quality in broodmares and in so doing reduce foal diarrhea.

Iron Horse Pre-Pro_Bio 800g

$89.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price
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