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Ration Balancer for horses training over long distances and for endurance competition

Designed exclusively for endurance horses, Marathon Endurance provides a highly potent blend of vitamins and trace-minerals in a formula specific to the elevated needs of horses in training, regular long distance work and endurance competition.


The pelleted supplement also contains three forms of iron and muscle antioxidants to meet the increased metabolic demands of endurance horses, while optimising stamina and recovery.

Our Concept for Marathon Endurance

Marathon Endurance was specifically designed by Kohnke’s Own after many years of trials with top Endurance competitors and contains concentrated levels of iron and essential muscle antioxidants which are important to ensure stamina and recovery when horses are worked over long distances.

Endurance horses have the highest daily requirement for energy and many other nutrients compared to all other working horses. Marathon Endurance meets their increased needs in a concentrated trace-mineral and vitamin supplement, all you need to add is calcium and salts relative to exercise needs and sweat loss.


Kohnke's Own Marathon Endurance 4kg