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Calcium, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement Specially Formulated for Palomino Horses and Ponies

Palomino Gold is a premium supplement, exclusively formulated by Kohnke’s Own for optimum colour, health and vitality in Palomino horses and ponies.


The innovative balance of nutrients works to enhance coat condition and depth of colour, while reducing the risk of black hairs and a patchy or uneven coat.

Palomino Gold is particularly recommended for supplementation in horses on a ‘white diet’ to avoid ‘smutting’, to ensure they are not deficient in nutrients crucial for overall health and performance.

Our Concept for Palomino Gold

Palomino Gold is a world first supplement, formulated after many years of research trials on hundreds of Palominos and buckskins.

Palominos on white feed diets often become deficient or lack essential vitamins and trace-minerals for optimum health and vitality.  White feed diets typically avoid added fats or oils and reduce protein, especially from lucerne hay or chaff.  It is also common to eliminate most commercial complete feeds containing molasses, in order to reduce smutting.  White feed diets are generally based on plain cereal grains (such as wheat bran, pollard or millrun), cereal chaff and hay (ie wheaten or oaten) and some grass hay.

Palomino Gold is rich in the essential nutrients often low or inadequate in common ‘white’ diets, the balance of ingredients is also designed to minimise the risk of smutting in susceptible horses, helping deliver a deep colour and brilliant shine.

*Conditional Guarantee: Palomino Gold™ has been formulated and evaluated to enhance palomino coat colour with minimal risk of smutting when used as per the supplementation guidelines. Kohnke’s Own however, cannot unconditionally guarantee that supplementation will not result in coat colour variations in individual horses.

Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold 4kg

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