• Size 13 and 14 also available call 64911797
  • Clarino Upper made from microfibre which is stronger than leather giving a longer life to your boots
  • The ion-mask™ i-shield repels water and dirt, and is resistant to stains
  • YKK ergonomically self-correcting side zip for quick donning and removal.
  • Durable, rustproof hardware
  • 300° celcius rubber outer sole protection from extremely hot objects.
  • Lightweight composite toe-cap
  • Comfort tongue technology helps to eliminate tight laces over the midfoot
  • Ergonomically designed collar reduces pressure on the achilles.
  • Fast wicking lining for moisture management & comfort
  • Ortholite Anti-Bacterial Innersole, offers instant and all day comfort
  • Agion Lining, anti-fungal, anti bacterial lining.
  • MDT, Multi Direction Tread because you don't walk in a straight line all day
  • Clarino Upper - Magnum uses Clarino uppers a synthetic leather like man made material. During manufacturing Clarino is microscopically perforated to give it breathability similar to that of natural leather. Clarino has achieved performance that exceeds that of leather in some applications especially where the material may be exposed to water such as boots.
  • ION-MASK™/i-Shield (WPi) Waterproof Technology - All products featuring this Technology are waterproof. The ion-mask™ process impregnates every fiber of material naturally without limiting the breathability of the boot. WPi boots are just as breathable as non-waterproof boots. By not using a membrane barrier, ION-MASK™ does not inhibit the breathability of the boot.
  • What is ION-MASK™/i-Shield technology – is a breakthrough in surface enhancement. It works at a molecular (nano) level. Applied inside a plasma chamber, the ion-mask™ binds invisibly to the surface of products and fibers without affecting there look, feel or "breathability, giving products the extraordinary ability to repel most liquids.
    Originally developed for military clothing and designed to combat chemical agents, ion-mask™ technology by P2i is an award winning ultra-protective surface enhancement pioneered by magnum that offers truly groundbreaking benefits, so much so that if forces the world to sit up and take notice.
  • Composite Toe (CT) - Magnum offers the latest in lightweight performance technology by incorporating a composite toe. By adding this component Magnum offers one of the lightest and most comfortable boots on the market. Using a composite toe also makes these boots airport friendly, you will not have to remove your boots when being subjected to walk through metal detectors.
  • Tuff-Tec Stuff Toe (ST) - Tec-Tuff leather toe guard resists holes, snags and abrasions as used by the military.
  • Gusseted Tongue - A gusseted tongue connects to each side of the boot, shielding the foot from water and debris producing the ultimate in protecting and comfort.
  • ReAbsorb Compression Molded EVA Midsole - Compression molded EVA of different densities is used in Magnum's midsole.
  • Ortholite® Innersole Heat Resistant Footbed - Ortholite® footbeds provide highly resilient support and cushioning for much longer than conventional footbeds while fighting odour with an environmentally friendly biocide treatment. Ortholite® quality footbeds utilise a specialist foam material crafted from an open cell polyurethane layer which has been proven to retain 95% of its cushioning after the first year, opposed to the 30% of some of EVA footbeds.
    Ortholite's® open cell foam is also lightweight and breathable, allowing air to pass through the shoe and excess heat and moisture to escape for cool comfort. Treated with an environmentally friendly biocide, Ortholite footbeds are also anti-microbial.
    Magnum use the highest density Ortholite® - Ortholite® 13, which offers optimum levels of breathability, moisture transport, and anti-microbial function to create a cooler, drier, and healthier environment inside the boot. In addition, the very low compression set of this formulation guarantees that the comfort and integrity of the Ortholite® material will remain consistent throughout the life of the product.
  • Agion - Anti-fungal anti-bacterial treatment. Agion is a slow releasing anti-microbial compound of silver ion's which increases with rising temperatures and moisture to counter the ideal conditions for bacterial growth.
  • Non Metallic Components & Hardware - Magnum manufactures boots using non-metallic components, making boots airport friendly you will not have to remove your boots when being subjected to walk through metal detectors.
  • YKK Circular Side Zippers - Magnum boots feature a specially designed YKK circular side zipper to assist with the fit and ability to remove and put on the boots in just a few seconds. The YKK zipper ensures maximum performance and durability.
  • Care Instructions - With heavy use, the surface of the materials may become blocked with dirty and may require cleaning to ensure the technology retains its functionality.
    If your boots do need cleaning, gently apply a soft, water-damp cloth to the area. A gentle dabbing action should remove the foreign particles and fully drying the product in a warm area (not too hot) will regenerate the liquid repellency.
    Do not use any alcohol based fluids chemicals for cleaning on any boots with ion-mask technology, as this will deteriorate the technology's effectiveness. Most ion-masks products wipe clean easily without such solvents.
    Please do not machine wash. Polishing/shining boots will not have a negative effect on the ion-mask technology.

Magnum Precision Max Work Boots

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