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A cool low-starch muesli feed with no added grains. Suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work. Mitavite Munga's concentrated formulation is economical, palatable, low in starch and gluten free. It provides optimal levels of high quality, easily digested protein, Essential Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It is ideal for all horses needing more top line and muscle for sport, show and performance or horses that can't tolerate grain based rations. It is an ideal choice for horses and ponies that are good doers that can easily become overweight or are prone to laminitis.


Low starch level of 6% and no added grains
Economical with a low feeding rate
Munga can be feed alone or added to a base ration to improve the nutritional integrity of the diet
Is a concentrated source of protein, vitamins and minerals without the carbs
It has high levels of Essential Amino Acids for muscle development, recovery and growth
Contains Bonafide, Mitavites exclusive Vitamin K supplement that supports bone density and good health
Added Magnesium for that calming effect