For the treatment and control of ivermectin-sensitive internal and external parasites of beef and dairy cattle.



  • Convenient pour-on treatment for the control of internal and external parasites in beef and dairy cattle.
  • Registered safety claim for both earthworm and dung beetle populations.
  • Rainfast.


Trade Advice

Category: Internal Parasites
Species: Beef and Dairy Cattle
Active: 5g/L Ivermectin
Pack Size: 6L, 20L
Withholding Periods: Meat = 28 days, ESI = 28 days, Milk = Nil, Bobby calves - Do not slaughter for 4 days if calves born from cows treated whilst pregnant.
Storage: Store below 30 degrees
APVMA: 50558

Paramax Pour on 20lt

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