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Natural Cattle Grower is the ideal ration for optimum cattle growth post weaning. It has been professionally formulated to provide excellent growth to feed conversion rates and to meet all vitamin and mineral requirements. Ruminants require large amounts of roughage in their diets and Natural Cattle Grower should be fed in conjunction with pasture, hay or silage.


Feeding rates will vary depending on individual requirements. Natural Cattle Grower should be introduced gradually into the diet.

Example: Incremental increase for cattle – 500g to the daily feed ration each 7-10 days. Monitor the stock for signs of scours. If they commence scouring after an increase in ration, reduce it back to the previous amount. Using this method it may be possible to feed more than 5kg per day if maximum growth is needed.

Natural Cattle Grower is suitable for use with most ruminants.

Seedhouse - Natural Cattle Grower

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