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A Balanced & Complete Food

Uncle Alber’s Tasty Fish and Pasta with Turmeric is a nutritious and palatable diet for your dog. The quality recipe and exacting nutritional specifications of Uncle Alber’s ensures your dog receives all essential nutrients that are required to maintain health and vitality.

The dense nature of Uncle Alber’s Premium Dog Bits aids in oral hygiene, as the gentle, abrasive texture of Uncle Alber’s massages and cleans teeth and gums. This assists in the removal of plaque, which is a precursor to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Quality & Value for Money

Uncle Alber’s has been formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional specifications recommended by the National Research Council, Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.  By weight Uncle Alber’s is higher in protein and contains considerably less water than either fresh meat or canned dog food and is balanced for other essential nutrients such as energy, fat, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and trace minerals.

Uncle Alber's Dog Food 22kg

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